Hi, I’m Jiji!

I’m a writer and engagement strategist based in New York.

As an engagement strategist, I help brands across various industries tell their stories in authentic and impactful ways. I believe in the power of storytelling and boundless creative thinking in creating systems that connect people to an idea, to each other, and to their true selves.

I am the founder and creative director of Clever-ish Magazine, a digital destination for millennials and Gen-Z readers to explore issues involving the quarter-life crisis and self-development. I feature and collaborate with creatives from different fields to create content that inspires and champions the discourse of self-fulfillment and artistic freedom. I also write a substack newsletter on the topic of self-actualization called Wandering, Not Lost. If it piques your interest, subscribe!

I was born in Nigeria and left my home country to move to the US in 2013. Since then, I’ve lived in Kansas City MO USA, Madrid Spain, Toulouse France, and I’m currently living in Brooklyn, New York.

My travels, background, and experiences are always reflected in my work. They feed my passion for engaging audiences and using the written word and creative freedom as tools to engage people meaningfully and incite conversations that take into account varying perspectives and boundary-breaking ideas to leave everyone better informed and inspired.

I’m currently the Associate Director of Engagement Strategy at SHE Media.

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I’ve helped brands across various industries build lasting relationships with their audience, solidify their brand identity, and convert customers through engagement strategy, and storytelling. Below are the services I offer:


Engagement strategy, narrative and communications strategy, editorial strategy, audience development, content and marketing strategy, brand storytelling, community/partner management, client relations, and process building.

Events: Speaking, and panel moderation at corporate and educational events.